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The Protien Pitstop story is simple. We want to provide high quality healthy food options, without sacrificing taste. We solve the daily question “What can I eat that’s healthy?” So you can keep up on this Race called Life. A Muscle Bagel a day that’s equivalent to a protein bar? We shout YES! Now you can too!

Amber Horne + Cami Barkdull

The Idea was born with two friends on a mission to live a healthy life. Between Motherhood, work, crossfit, chores, and family life- we felt like we were always on the run….Exercise and healthy nutrition were essential to “keep up”. Muscle Bagels quickly became our favorite “healthy” option on the go. We LOVE them!  We couldn’t keep them to ourselves any longer! Anytime you discover something this good- you’ve gotta share with your friends! So join us in our race- Take a Pitstop and fuel your body right- and don’t forget to share with your friends! -Amber and Cami

We here at The Protein Pitstop are passionate about health and fitness. Not only do we help others to live more active and healthy lifestyles, we ourselves live, sweat, and dream exercise and nutrition.

Here at the PPS we are passionate about health and fitness. We love to help others live a more active and healthy lifestyle by providing high quality, healthy food to fuel your body the right way.